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Novel Animal Illness Notification Report

IMMEDIATELY submit this report to Huron Perth Public Health.
For URGENT consultations regarding a novel animal illness phone the health unit.
During office hours: 1-888-221-2133. After hours, weekends and holidays: 519-482-7077 (Huron County) or 1-800-431-2054 (Perth County).

A) Report/Intake

B) Animal Information

Animal's permanent address:

Animal's current location (if different):

C) Notification of Animal Illness

D) Incident Details


Allowed extensions pdf, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif

E) Animal Owner Information (or person with custody of animal)

Owner's permanent address:

This personal information is collected under the authority of the Health and Protection and Promotion Act (1990) Reg. 557 Sec. 2. It will be used to conduct investigations and for the purposes of monitoring and surveillance. For further details concerning this collection, contact the Privacy Officer at the Huron Perth Public Health, 777228B London Road, RR 5, Clinton, ON N0M 1L0 or call 519.482.3416 or 1.877.837.6143 or e-mail