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Registering a vaccine received outside of Canada or Ontario

If you have received one, two, three or four doses of a COVID-19 vaccine outside of the Province of Ontario, you should provide your proof of immunization to Huron Perth Public Health. HPPH will add it to COVaxON, the provincial vaccination system.

Ensuring vaccination information is up-to-date allows individuals to:

  • Book a second dose appointment (for those who have only received one dose of a two-dose vaccine).
  • Book a third or booster dose appointment.
  • Receive an Ontario vaccination receipt, which can be used to show immunization status.
  • Share their COVID-19 immunization records with their health care providers and for other uses required by provincial law.

Vaccination coverage data also helps inform the province's response to COVID-19.

Complete the following COVID-19 Out-of-Province Dose Documentation form to notify HPPH of your out-of-province dose administration and upload a copy of the documentation you have received. Do not use this form to submit medical exemption information.

NOTE: You will be required to submit documentation with each out-of-province dose that you are reporting. For instance, if you are reporting having received your first and third dose out-of-province and have both doses recorded on a single document you will have to upload that document twice (once with each dose reporting).